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Patient Clinic In

Welcome to KiviCare , New Patient Check In to Clinic Patient: {{patient_name}} Patient Email: {{patient_email}} Check In Date: {{current_date}} Thank you.

Clinic Booked Appointment Template

New appointment New appointment Book on {{current_date}} For Date: {{appointment_date}} , Time : {{appointment_time}} , Patient : {{patient_name}} , Doctor : {{doctor_name}} Thank you.

Clinic Admin Registration

Welcome to Clinic, You are successfully registered as clinic admin Your email: {{user_email}} , username: {{user_name}} and password: {{user_password}} Thank you.

Cancel appointment

Welcome to KiviCare , Your appointment Booking is cancel. Date: {{appointment_date}} , Time : {{appointment_time}} Clinic: {{clinic_name}} Doctor: {{doctor_name}} Thank you.

Resend user credentials

Welcome to KiviCare , Your kivicare account user credential Your email: {{user_email}} , username: {{user_name}} and password: {{user_password}} Thank you.


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